Where is my Refund?.....

Have you ever went on Where’s My Refund or called and they don’t know they seem as clueless as you do about the whereabouts of your REFUND?

Here’s Some interesting Facts about Where’s My Refund……….

Where’s My Refund is actually a call center located in a WAREHOUSE in Virginia. The workers are paid min. wage and all they have access to is a computer and the website Where’s My Refund. That is why when you call they give you the same details that is on the website and they tell you mam/sir it is being processed but we have received it. They don’t Know anymore about where your refund is than you do..

But here is how you actually find out your status if you are having trouble with the website. You should look on you Tax Documents or call you Tax Preparer and ask them for you SUbmission/transaction ID # of your return and then call the IRS personally and give them the #. They will then be able to provide you with an accurate status of your Return…..